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Advanced Dog Obedience

Advanced Obedience is a fast paced class that is meant to challenge you and your dog and, build on basic skills learned in Beginning Obedience. Practical and fun activities are used to help increase your dog’s self-control and listening skills. Distractions are used to solidify manners, such as “stay”, “wait”, and “come”. Social skills are increased by having dogs learn to stay while other dogs are working, and work through more challenging distractions for recalls and polite greetings. This class covers:

  • Solidify and enhance your relationship with your dog through fun and challenging activities, emphasize consistency, trust and fairness
  • Increase your dog’s manners by increasing expectations of appropriate behavior in challenging situations
  • Increase listening skills and self-control through off leash work, recalls with distractions, and practical exercises to enforce “stay” and “wait”
  • Participate in exercises and games that help prepare you and your dog for any activity you choose to do together

Advanced Obedience classes have 6-8 dogs, which gives you time for your instructor to answer questions and work on challenges specific to you and your dog. This class introduces “real life” situations in a safe and controlled environment, and helps you increase your dog’s skills, which will prepare you for higher level training classes like agility, therapy prep or other dog sports/activities.

Course Length:
6 weeks, 1 hour each week.

Requirements: Dogs who have graduated Beginning Obedience or have equivalent skills

Vaccines: Must be current on Rabies/DHPP/Bordatella

Price: $140.00
Call for details 801-942-0777

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