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Aging Dogs Tapping into fountain of Youth!

Just like humans, dogs are living longer these days. Advanced health care, better food and loving care from their owners are tapping in to the fountain of youth.

Aging Dogs....Tapping into the fountain of Youth!

Aging Dogs Tapping into the fountain of Youth Video!

Jim and Judy Cooper have been bringing their 14 ½ year old border collie, Bourre, to Willow Creek Pet Center for years. According to Jim “we’ve treated this animal like one of our children and do everything to keep her healthy”. This includes daily walks and exercise.
Dr Rick Campbell opened Willow Creek Pet Center over 32 years ago and has seen many medical advancements since then. He still believes the key to your pet’s longevity starts at home. You control their diet, exercise and can spot behavioral changes in your pet.

The Coopers observed Bourre had trouble breathing and discovered a tumor. The Coopers have pet insurance which is helping with the expensive medical care required to prolong her life.
From having a gentle groomer here at Willow Creek Pet Center to keeping up on annual or semiannual physical exams, the Coopers hope to have Bourre around a lot longer.
According to Judy Cooper “They give you unconditional love. They just love you.”

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