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Beginning Dog Obedience Class

Beginning Obedience takes basic concepts like impulse control, manners and proper socialization, and helps you work with your dog to improve these skills. This class is perfect for adolescent dogs and older dogs who need a better understanding of basic commands and how to respond to them when distractions are present. It increases the trust part of your relationship with your dog by helping you communicate in a clear and consistent manner so that your dog understands what he is expected to do. This class covers:

  • Helping your dog improve handler focus and listening skills
  • Teaching important life skill manners, like leash walking and heeling, polite greeting with other dogs and people, “stay”, “wait” and “off”
  • Improving impulse control by helping your dog with his decision making skills using the paycheck principle – your dog does what you ask him to do so he can get something he wants (coming for a reward, or sitting when greeting a person so he can be released to say “hi”)
  • Proper socialization with people and other dogs – knowing when to “say hi” and when to “leave it”

Beginning Obedience stars with open discussion about training needs and concerns for your dog. Class sizes are between 6-8 dogs, which gives time to go over questions and training concepts with your instructor. Our goal is to help you improve your relationship with your dog, and improve his self-control and manners. This class is the perfect place to work on those skills.

Course Length: 6 weeks, 1 hour each week. Beginning Obedience for Dogs

Requirements: Age: 5 months or older, or graduate of Puppy Kindergarten.

Must be current on Rabies/DHPP/Bordatella.

Price: $140.00
Call for details 801-942-0777

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