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Dog Agility Training

Foundation Agility teaches teamwork between dog and handler, helps boost confidence in shy dogs, and gives owners and dogs a fun venue to learn new skills. This is a higher level training class that requires dogs to have an understanding of basic obedience and self-control. It is recommended dogs have taken Beginning Obedience class or have similar skills before taking this class. This class covers:

  • Our agility instructors compete with their dogs regularly, and use positive training techniques.
  • Dog Agility Training

  • Foundation Agility teaches fundamental agility skills, like start line stays, basic agility commands, basic handling, and introduction to some equipment.
  • Great care is taken to educate handlers on the use of equipment to help prevent dog injuries.
  • Higher level classes are taught after teams have finished the Foundation class.
  • Handling skills, proper equipment use and higher levels of teamwork are taught in higher level classes.

Agility classes are seasonal, and take place outdoors using agility equipment. You must be adaptable to weather conditions since classes can’t be held in inclement weather. At times some skills may be worked on indoors without the use of equipment.

Course Length: 6 weeks, 1 hour each week, with the possibility of an ongoing class sign up every six weeks, spring through fall.

Requirements: Dogs need to have taken at least Beginning Obedience before taking this class. They need to have an understanding of basic commands and self-control, and be able to respond to verbal ‘sit” and “come” commands in the presence of distractions.
No aggressive dogs, please.

Vaccines: Must be current on Rabies/DHPP/Bordatella.

Price: $140.00
Call for details: 801-942-0777

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