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Willow Creek Pet Center

Dog Training

30 years ago, Willow Creek Dog Training opened its doors to the pet community. Our goal was and still is to help solve your dog training problems and make your pet the best family member possible. Our instructors have years of experience with hundreds of dogs and people. We have developed a program that is adaptable to all breeds and most temperaments of dogs. Our core belief revolves around teaching basic concepts that apply to all dogs – impulse control, manners and appropriate socialization.
All of this starts with helping you develop a strong relationship with your dog. This is based on being consistent and fair when teaching your furry companion skills that will improve his life and help him be the best he can be.

Dog Training

About Our Dog Training Classes

All classes run 6 weeks for one hour each week. Classes are small in size, 6-8 dogs, to ensure you and your pet receive the personalized attention needed from a trainer. Each class focuses on:

  • Creating a system of communication between you and your dog.
  • Giving tools to build a strong relationship between dog and owner.
  • Teaching impulse control so your dog will be able to think before acting.
  • Improving your dog’s manners at home and in public.

Dog Classes offered:

Meet Our Dog Instructors:

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