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Willow Creek Pet Center

Walk in the Park

Walk in the Park is a dog training class that takes the skills you and your dog have learned in Beginning and Advanced Obedience classes and moves them outside with instructor guidance. It is a chance to take your dog into “real world” situations that we see in everyday life: greeting people and dogs, leash manners, coming when called.
Class meets initially at Willow Creek Pet Center, then at different parks in the area. This class covers:

  • Walking on leash (heeling and leash manners)
  • Recalls (coming when called with distractions)
  • Greeting new dogs and people

Dogs are exposed to new sights, sounds and smells in this class, and learn how to work though those distractions using manners and self-control skills learned in Beginning and Advanced Dog Obedience.

Course length:
6 weeks, 1 hour each week
First class meets at Willow Creek Center, with the other classes meeting at various parks in the area.
If there is inclement weather, class will be postponed one week, or held indoors to work on skills your dog needs extra help with.

Vaccines: Must be current on Rabies/DHPP/Bordatella.

Recommended dogs have taken Beginning Obedience or have equivalent skills.

Price: $140.00
Call for details 801-942-0777

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