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Willow Creek Pet Center

Donation to Camp Kostopulos

Willow Creek Pet Center’s Donation to the Camp Kostopulos Send a Kid to Camp Gala will directly benefit the Summer Camp and year-round recreation programs and activities for youth and adults with physical and cognitive disabilities and children with special medical needs.
The campers experience a 5 day adventure fishing, swimming, riding horses, hiking, traversing the high ropes course and creating arts and crafts. The Camp also offers many additional programs to help students gain independence and build self-esteem.
Camp Kostopulos opened its doors in Emigration Canyon in 1967. The mission was to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities through recreation, education and growth experiences. The goal of Camp K is to offer year-round programs and activities to all people regardless of ability level, income or place of residence. It is now known as the Kostopulos Dream Foundation because of the expansion into a year-round recreation provider. The programs provide opportunities for participants to improve physical fitness levels, learn healthy lifestyle skills, access the outdoors and foster independence.

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