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Flash and her Recovery with time and supportive care.

Flash came to Willow Creek Pet Center after her pet sitter found her in the back yard unable to move. She was completely paralyzed.

Polyradiculoneuritis Recovery

Flash and her Polyradiculoneuritis Recovery

Flash stayed with us for 13 days during which time she received aggressive supportive care which included hand feeding, being kept clean, and being carried outdoors for physical therapy in the warm spring air. Many of our staff members would visit Flash and give her words of encouragement and TLC during her time here.

Soon Flash’s status began to improve. Her Dr’s feel that she has a disease known as polyradiculoneuritis (Coonhound Paralysis), which causes an acute-onset paralysis in all legs which gets better with time and supportive care.

Flash went home and with much love and supportive care from her owners, she is now able to get up unassisted, stand to eat and drink, and walk quite a long distance before she gets tired.

Flash, it was our staff’s pleasure to be there for you and your family during that difficult time and to get you back on your paws!

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