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Willow Creek Pet Center

Lori Nichol / Dog Training Assistant Manager

lori nichol dog trainerHi!  My name is Lori Nichol.  I started training dogs almost 15 years ago with my Shiba Inus in beginning and intermediate obedience classes at Willow Creek.  I found I really enjoyed the bond those classes helped create between me and my dogs.  It was a chance for us to learn together and work as a team.  When we added our first Corgi to our family I started training in rally and agility.  Now several Corgis (both Pembroke and Cardigan) later, my husband and I enjoy working our dogs in companion and performance sports.  My Corgis have been featured in training books, on tv and in the national magazine, Front & Finish.  2 of my Pembrokes  have earned the prestigious Verstatile Corgi and Versatile Corgi Excellent titles, and my Cardigan has earned the Versatile Cardigan Excellent title.  I have been fortunate to have talented dogs that have shown in conformation, agility, rally, obedience and herding, and have earned championship  and top level titles in these venues.
I teach agility, recall and foundation classes (puppy kindergarten and beginning obedience).  Agility is my favorite thing to teach.  I love seeing owners and their dogs have fun together and share in the training experience.  I believe dog training should be something you and your dog enjoy doing together.  If you approach training as a “team” exercise you will be able to build trust, respect and communication between you and your dog, and you both will have a lot of fun along the way.
Besides working with my dogs, I have spent several years in martial arts training and have been a Tai Chi  instructor for over 15 years. I enjoy yoga and walks with my husband and our dogs.

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