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Willow Creek Pet Center

Medical Boarding

Willow Creek Pet Center recognizes some pets need additional care and supervision during a boarding stay. We are happy to offer veterinary supervised boarding for pets with special needs.
If your pet is not under the care of a Willow Creek Pet Center veterinarian for the specific problem requiring your pet to need medical boarding, we may still be able to medically board your pet. To be eligible for medical boarding your pet must receive a physical exam by a Willow Creek Pet Center veterinarian (fees apply) and bring your medical records with you. Please call us at 801-942-0777 to schedule your veterinarian appointment and/or medical boarding reservation.

Medical Boarding Level 1 ($40/night*):

Geriatric Pets
Post- Surgery (spay/neuter)—Pet only needs to be confined
Pregnancy Watch
Seizure Watch

Medical Boarding Level 2 ($50/night*):

Post-Surgery Orthopedics– sling care
Fluid Therapy (Renal Failure)

Medical Boarding Level 3 ($60.00/night*):

Eye problems (multiple medications)
Post-Surgery- Orthopedics–bandage change care
Feeding tube, elevated feedings or any assisted feedings
Nursing puppies
Fully supported (carry) walks & bathroom breaks
Assistance with elimination

*Additional charges may apply according to the required care for each pet.

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