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Willow Creek Pet Center

Pet Grooming

At Willow Creek, your pet’s health is our number one priority. Did you know that grooming not only keeps your pet smelling great, but also allows you to discover health problems before they become serious?

When to groom your pet:

Do you have a puppy that is 12 weeks old? Has it been more than 1 month since your pet had his/her last grooming? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, you need to visit Willow Creek Pet Center’s Grooming Department.

Why groom your pet:

Both dogs and cats require regular grooming. Grooming is the perfect opportunity to give your pet a quick health check. You can look for bumps, injuries and other skin problems such as ticks or fleas. Brushing your pet promotes good blood circulation and helps bring out natural oils in the fur. As you brush, natural oils are spread all over the fur to give the coat a healthy sheen and remove dead hair, dirt and dandruff. Fur that becomes matted can cause serious health issues. Dirt and oil can accumulate under the mats and cause skin infections, and the mats can be painful as they pull and stretch the skin underneath. Regular bathing is also required. It is best to visit a groomer because they will use the best shampoo and conditioner for your pet’s specific coat.

Our Groomers:

Each groomer demonstrates a very gentle ad caring touch when working with your pet. They take the time to get to know your pet and help the animal become comfortable in the grooming environment. When you bring your pet in for grooming, we will always ak you for any specific instructions you may have. We are responsible for ensuring that your pet is groomed to your satisfaction. Our groomers will personally contact you if they discover possible skin problems, watery eyes or ear problems.

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Grooming Details:
Each grooming session includes:Pet Grooming Services

  • Bathing
  • A thorough brushing with a brush or comb depending on the coat
  • Ear cleaning to reduce ear infections and wax buildup
  • External anal glad expression (dogs only)
  • Nail trim (should be done just when nails are touching the ground when pets walk)
  • Trim of your choice (except in the case of severe matting) using our Clipper Vac which reduces skin irritations that regular clippers can cause

Grooming Requirements:

Proof of current rabies vaccine administered by licensed veterinarian required, all vaccines are recommended.
– Drop off times: Monday – Friday 7-9 AM
– Pick up times estimated by groomer at check in.
Please call 801-942-0777 or email for an appointment

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