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Our Pet of the Month and the Importance Of Pet Insurance

Click HERE to read Roxie’s story.

Willow Creek Pet Center is honored to be part of Roxie’s story.

Roxie was rescued on Thanksgiving of 2009 at 8 months old. Her owner had chosen Willow Creek Pet Center as Roxie’s veterinary care provider from the start.

Her story was just beginning when she was rescued.

As time progressed, Roxie encountered IBS (canine Chrone’s Disease). She had exploratory surgery to decipher the issue and was treated with long term maintenance prescriptions to control any further issues/symptoms.

Two years later, Roxie was in need of a spinal surgery that took specialized surgery and care. Willow Creek Pet Center was there for her surgery and all of her after care and treatment.

Roxie’s owners had pet insurance that saved them over $3000.00 between both diagnosis and the spinal surgery.

For more information and to recieve a quote for pet insurance, click HERE

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