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Willow Creek Pet Center

Retirement Reception in Honor of Donna Eliason

Donna Eliason was the manager of the Dog Training facility at Willow Creek Pet Center for 30 years. A retirement reception was held in her honor to recognize her hard work and dedication to Willow Creek.

When Dr Rick Campbell opened his first veterinary practice in 1983, he discovered that behavioral problems were far more deadly to dogs than medical problems. He found that the primary reason that dogs are surrendered and euthanized is lack of training, resulting in behavioral issues.

At that time, Dr Campbell partnered with dog trainer, MaryAnn Nortmann and Donna Eliason who was also a horse trainer. The three had a desire to help people with their dogs. They turned the barn out back of the facility into a dog training facility. Love, passion, hard work and determination to make the difference in the lives of as many problem dogs as possible inspired the primary mission of Willow Creek Pet Center’s dog training program. The goal was to give every owner the dog they have always wanted…one that is well behaved, well socialized and under control.

Donna has been instrumental in helping thousands of Utah dog owners train their dogs for competitions or just to be the good basic family pet. Donna has been in competitions for many years competing with Dobermans and Border Collies in obedience and agility. She has placed several dogs in the Top 20 in the nation.

We will certainly miss Donna and wish her well.

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