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Willow Creek Pet Center

Spay and Neuter Pricing

Spay and neuter prices are based upon your pet’s weight and age and vary according to additional testing or procedures completed, medications sent home, and follow-up care. Your doctor will provide you with a written estimate upon request.

  • Pre-Surgery Blood Work- $85.00
  • Intraveneous Fluids- $66.00
  • Neuter-Dogs-From apx $134.41-$228.80 (prices include blood work and fluids)
  • Spay-Dogs- From apx $308.00-$415.00 (prices include blood work , fluids and overnight stay)
  • Spay Cats- Apx $314.00 (price includes blood work, fluids and overnight stay)
  • Neuter Cats- Apx $269.00 (price includes blood work and fluids)

Please feel free to contact us for more details. For pets under 1 year of age, we have discounts available through our puppy and kitten programs.

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